It’s been awhile

Love is being there for someone when they need you the most.

Love is creating a path when there is no trail to guide you.

Love is getting to wake up next to the same person everyday knowing you complete one another.

If you find yourself seeing them in everything you do — you’re in love.

When you can’t fall asleep without dreaming of them.. — you’re in love.

Love is magic.

Follow your heart, for it knows best.



Just like the wind,

Strong and breathtaking.

Just like my heart,

Cold and shattered.

Just like your eyes,

Brown and piercing.

Just like the cement,

Cracked yet grounded.

I am still here. I am still standing tall.

Just like the earth,

Colorful and round.

Just like a feather,

Light and lifting.

Just like love,

Quick and endless.

Just like us,

Forever and always.

Finding piece in goodbye

Finding the places the puzzle piece fits in is the most rewarding feeling.

Finding peace in letting go.. well that’s the hardest thing to do.

I wish you well, I wish you well.

They say that time will tell with me and with you.

I say time has told.

Goodbye is tearing us apart.

I’m just trying to find the piece in goodbye that makes sense and fits..

finding the peace in goodbye is what I’ll do instead.


After your body left it’s impression in my bed I couldn’t sleep the same.

I couldn’t sleep without someone stealing my covers.

So I slept without them.

I couldn’t sleep without having my leg hanging off the bed because you needed to be that close to me.

So I slept with my foot touching the floor.

I couldn’t sleep without something next to my body..

so I made you out of the blankets I no longer slept with and my feet got cold..

Now I’m not only alone but my body is freezing and you’re not missing a thing.

Isn’t love..

That love can be selfish, demanding, bitter, and cold.

That love will stab you in your back when things are hard, that love isn’t love because love wouldn’t hurt you.

I’ve learned that no matter how hard you try sometimes love is something you just have to let go of.

Love isn’t love if love isn’t love.



Laptop on. Facebook up.

You pop up. Request sent.

Couple days go by. You don’t say hi.

I insist. I’ll write this.

We hang out.

I’ll never forget.

I never thought I’d grow to miss the kisses you planted on me.

The sweaty palms and nervous laughter.

That should’ve been my happily ever after.

One day, some day..

I hope soon.

Lost on you

Lately I’ve been craving the sun.

The sun in its most raw form.

Like a bonfire.

Flaming hot.

Red skin.

Freckles and green eyes.

Lately I’ve been craving mountains.

Strong and beautiful.

Broken but in place.

Tall and breathtaking.

Lately I’ve been craving you.

Sweeping me off of my feet.

Whispering sweet nothings in my ear.

Kissing me..kissing you.

Lately I’ve been stuck on you.

Tsunamis and you

When you lost her did it hit you hard..

Hard like a tsunami destroying every good and bad thing in its path – just so that the only thing you could focus on was her..?

Was she always a tsunami?

When you lost her did you truly think you’d forget the way she used to roll over in the mornings and just wrap herself around you.. the way she’d pull on your shirt to try to get you to stay in bed just a little bit longer..

When he left her she was empty.

Her tsunami was no longer a threat to him.. she only destroyed everything within herself.

She was now the type of tsunami they seen on their electronics but they never feared her because she was only destroying herself.

Tsunamis and you..

Younger then..


You hardly cross her mind if at all, when you do – you don’t take a seat and sit there for very long.

Her mind is no longer your four walls.

She once thought that her home was when she was tangled up in your arms..

Now your just an old abandoned house.. the lights are never on anymore.



I was younger then..