A little bit 

I always told you, I always told you, I always told, I always, I, I,…I. I told you always. 

I felt all ways. I felt all ways. Do you feel it? Feel it, always? 

Broken bones, twisted tones, pick up your phone.. I’ve been calling. Tried to reach you to speak to you. Why are you so.. so down? 

When I’m around always, I’m around always, I’m always around. 

Turn it down, shut it off, sit down, piss me off, I’m leaving this town. 

Feel it now? Now feel it. 

Once it’s on you, twice it’s on me, third time around I’m a fool. Use me, fuse me, light me up, bright like a star, I could burn the town down. 

Up, down, spin me around, left and right, out of sight. 

Invisible girl, in a big visible world, trashing people’s hearts like I’m the Grinch and it’s winter. 

It’s okay, I was born a sinner. 

Live and learn, leave and succeed. 

I got you, but you don’t have me. 

Smile that smile, brush my hand with yours, it’s like a love story only this is a war. 

Makayla Fuller 


I am done arguing and I am done going back and fourth. 

My happiness begins when I stop letting you in. 

You can only wish and hope for so long. 

Sometimes things in life go wrong. 

Don’t be selfish, don’t be strict, don’t lose your shit. 

Just keep your chin up and keep your head held high. 

Everything always turns out all alright..

Makayla Fuller 


Here I am. 


Wandering through my mind again. Wondering how to make it right again. 

Wandering now through the tall trees and itchy weeds. Wondering, do you miss me?

Wandering amongst others. 


I shout but no one answers. I instead get blank stares. 

Wandering barefoot on the gravel. I step on a stone that’s sharp. Stabbing me the way you stabbed my once whole heart. 


Scared, although I’ve got no true reason to be. I am tough. I am unique. 

Wandering up the stairs, I see visions of you and me. The way things used to be. 


Wandering through this life with me.. is me.  There is no room for make believe. 


I’m wandering through my mind again. I’m happy. 


Wondering now, where you might be but no longer carrying you with me. 


I will always wonder about you and me. Although, I will no longer wander the deepest parts of myself and care as to why you couldn’t love me. I am happy and at peace now. 

I found myself while I was wandering. 

Makayla Fuller