2:15 AM

Did you start to think that maybe she moved on?

For the sake of the ground beneath her – I hope that she stand firm and she stands tall.

Like a weeping willow tree.

Elegant, rooted, pure natural beauty.

I hope that she has let you go.

No more swinging on her branches.

No more carving broken promises into her bones.

Although, I hope. I know her all to well.

Her day begins and she does good until something reminds her of you.

She will let you go.

Just when you realize that you’ve made a mistake of not choosing her – she will have chosen herself so many times.. so, that when you finally choose her she won’t be there to be chosen.



I used to think I couldn’t date someone like you then the next thing I know you’re talking about the future with me.

Too bad you turned to drugs and chose to live a lifestyle that I knew I couldn’t keep up with.

I honestly don’t understand why when I see your face or hear your name that it hurts my heart as bad as it does.

It’s not like I spent a lot of time with you.

You were a lesson or just a speed bump on my journey to wherever I’m headed.

I can’t wait to meet my soulmate because when I do I will have so much love to offer him that he will probably honestly be overwhelmed by it.

I’ll be one proud wife one day.

I hope someone comes along and shows me that the feelings you gave me weren’t anything compared to what lies ahead.

For now, I’m going to love myself.

Myself and myself only.


How many farewells can I bid you?

How many times can I?

I wish I could stop saying goodbye.

We all know that saying good bye isn’t always a good thing.

If my cup is empty I can not fill yours.

I’m saying see you later.

If love is real and real is love than I will see you again.

See you later my friend.

In the middle

In the middle of the summer and I’m freezing.

Yet I crave a frozen drink.

In the middle of the rain and I’m crying.

Yet I can’t tell tears apart from raindrops.

In the middle of my bed and I’m lost.

Yet I’m right at home.

In the middle of the crowd.

Yet I feel all alone.

In the middle of your arms.

Yet we are no longer in love.

Dear you,

“Does your heart hurt?” she asked.

“It doesn’t just ‘hurt’ it feels heavy and all over the place. As if it doesn’t belong to me any longer. I can’t tell if it’s in my chest, in my stomach, in my throat, or if it’s in my head.”

It was a classic.


So, I said “I love you.” One more time, in case it would change your mind.


Every part of me thinks if I let you back in and pretend to love you that eventually I will fool myself into believing it’s real.

Blank page.

I can’t stop.

I scroll and I scroll.

As if the posts I’m scrolling through are holding on to me.. or keeping me together.

I scroll as if the words of someone else’s broken heart will start to heal my very own.

Scrolling through and reading so fast because I already know what the next line will say..

I’m searching for something and I have no clue as to what it may be..

It’s like I want to stop but the pain that I feel is the only thing that’s keeping you real..

Pain is the only thing that is allowing me to feel you.. it squeezes my heart so tight that it almost feels as though your arms are back around me.

I want to stop.

I need to stop.

Stopping would only mean allowing myself to heal. To allow it all to simply just be real.

I’m not ready to face reality.

Losing you means I gave up.

I don’t want to be anything like you.

A quitter. A giver-upper. A liar. A thief. A heartbreaker. A blank page with no words to scroll through.

It’s been awhile

Love is being there for someone when they need you the most.

Love is creating a path when there is no trail to guide you.

Love is getting to wake up next to the same person everyday knowing you complete one another.

If you find yourself seeing them in everything you do — you’re in love.

When you can’t fall asleep without dreaming of them.. — you’re in love.

Love is magic.

Follow your heart, for it knows best.


Just like the wind,

Strong and breathtaking.

Just like my heart,

Cold and shattered.

Just like your eyes,

Brown and piercing.

Just like the cement,

Cracked yet grounded.

I am still here. I am still standing tall.

Just like the earth,

Colorful and round.

Just like a feather,

Light and lifting.

Just like love,

Quick and endless.

Just like us,

Forever and always.

Finding piece in goodbye

Finding the places the puzzle piece fits in is the most rewarding feeling.

Finding peace in letting go.. well that’s the hardest thing to do.

I wish you well, I wish you well.

They say that time will tell with me and with you.

I say time has told.

Goodbye is tearing us apart.

I’m just trying to find the piece in goodbye that makes sense and fits..

finding the peace in goodbye is what I’ll do instead.